Let's talk about parking

Let’s talk about parking!!!
With the increased use of the trails comes more vehicles. As a result, multiple parking issues have recently been observed so please review the recommended parking locations on our maps.
Look for the Blue Dots with a P in the map. >>>
Things to keep in mind:
- Leave space at the intersections, particularly at the intersection of concession 7b and sugarbush road.
- Allow space for vehicles to go by without having to move into oncoming traffic (cars have been spotted right at the trailhead for Bennies corners on concession 7b). This forces cars wider into a blind corner which creates a potential hazard.
- For the entrance at concession 8b, park along the west side of the road. This allows room for emergency vehicles and plows to access the property at the end of the road and/or turn around.
Thanks for your cooperation and stay safe everyone!!
Here’s a link to the maps on Trailforks which show the suggested parking spots.