Concepts of Operations

Concepts of Operations, aka how we like to do things.

Lanark County Mountain Bike Association is a not for profit  association. We do not own land, but we work with landowners who are willing to allow their property to be used for public access. We advocate for non-motorised mixed use trails primarily suitable for hiking, biking and dog walking.



LCMBA Governance Model

The LCMBA has decided to use a Board of Directors and Committee model of governance. The board has been established with 3 members while we are in our early period of existence. For each initiative being undertaken a committee will be created to plan and perform the work required. The chairperson of the committee will report back to the board. Depending on the initiative it may be a board member as the chairperson. For example, there is a board member leading a committee to investigate the possibilty of having access to a parking lot. Progress is reported back to the board periodically so that efforts can be coordinated and supported as needed.


The LCMBA has selected Trailforks as our preferred mapping system.

Visit Trailforks Website

Trailforks offers many useful tools to help manage trail maps.

  • Trail Reports
  • Web Widgets
  • Single source of map data - Update a map on TF and updates appear everywhere.
  • Tools
  • Multiple file formats

The work of trail mapping primarily involves gathering the data using a GPS and recording the waypoints. The accuracy of the map depends on how often the points are gathered and how fast the GPS is moving. Once the data is gathered it is compiled into a readable file using a GPX or open standard data format which can be converted for use or used directly by many map reading tools. Producing the map can be achieved using many softwares for the purpose, however the raw data files will be hosted on the LCMBA storage area and published maps will be converted to be compatible to Trailforks.

This guidance is driven by the fact that any map updates will automatically happen across all of our published sites and recommended user sources. Paper maps will use the same data files but may use specialized software to create the maps.All paper maps should show a date and version.